A Health/Wellbeing Program for

Do you wonder how you’ll ever get it all done? Are there times when the burden of being a pastor seems like it’s too much. Have you ever questioned your call because the job just seems too big?

The CLERGY Program will help you with these difficulties.

This coaching and education program was designed specifically with clergy in mind. The program is six months in length and combines an informational session and coaching session each of those months. That means we will meet by telephone or video twice each of the six months.

The first session of the month with examine a specific topic that is important for clergy health and wellbeing. Though these session are more structured in nature, there will be time for questions and dialogue.

The coaching sessions are wide open and allows for the clergy member to bring up wha went well and what was challenging after attempting to incorporate the previous session’s information. Additionally any questions not addressed from the informational session will occur. The minister will drive much of what takes place during the coaching sessions.

Each session, both educational and coaching, is about 50 minutes in length.

Here are the things covered in the six educational sessions:

Clear – Successful clergy are able to set clear goals, for the congregation they serve, but just as importantly, for themselves. This informational session will be getting to know each other a bit better but will mostly create a template for creating health and wellbeing goals that work.

Limits – Successful clergy are able to create clear boundaries. This is much easier said than done. This informational session will discuss why boundaries are important in ministry and how to set them without confrontation.

Energetic – Successful clergy are healthy and energetic. The tried and true way to be energetic is by diet and lifestyle. Eating healthfully is fairly simple but it isn’t always easy for clergy. This session will create a new way of thinking about food.

Resilient – Successful clergy are resilient. We take our bumps and bruises sometimes. What often is more important is how we react when difficulties arise.

Gracious – Successful clergy are gracious. When we are at our best it is easy to be compassionate. When we are tired and low on energy there are more opportunities for us to be less than big-hearted. This session will speak directly to practices that will increase our energy and feed our minds to help us be at the top of our game.

Yoked – Those who are yoked to the ministry are in it for the long hall. This final final session will be, to some extent, a review of what we have accomplished together so far. We will also attempt to project success into the future.

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