Are you really a minister?
Yes! I’m a fully fellowshipped and duly ordained minister who served a church in Texas for almost a decade before my spouse was offered a wonderful job in North Chicago. It was very difficult to say goodbye to the congregation I served and yet it allowed me to create a new way of helping others. I honestly feel “called” to assist people find a better life through better health and all that entails. If you’ll give me a chance, I’ll help you too.

cropped-segwaytour.jpg So, are you going to get all religious on me?
Oh hell no!! This is a health program, not a religious program. I want to help you get where you want to be. Not only am I interested in helping you be healthier, I’m also interested in your career, in your relationships, and your “spiritual” well being, whatever that is (or isn’t) to you. All of these aspects of life make for a healthy person. I want to help you be who you want to be, right here, right now!

Then why do you call yourself The Minister of Health?
Well, in some ways because I think it’s funny and I like to laugh a lot! Additionally, as you probably know, many countries have health ministers who are part of the government and promote the public health. I thought it was cool to play on that idea. But more than either of these, for me it is a combining of who I have been and who I have become. It shows respect to the position I once held and also honors the new role I have created.

Do you only work with members of the clergy?
Many of the people I work with are clergy members who want to take a closer look at their health and wellbeing. Clergy often spend a great deal of time caring more for others than they do for themselves. because of my background I have created a program specifically for clergy.

However, also work with many people who are not clergy. In fact, some of the people I work with are not religious at all. I’m interested in helping anyone who wants to take their health, and all that encompasses, seriously. Today, most of the people are work with, clergy or not, are really interested in my weight loss program.

How do you eat?
For the most part, I eat a whole foods plant based diet (WFPBD). I do not eat any animal products at all; no meat, fish, dairy or eggs. This has been the second most transformational health decision I have made in my life. Marrying my spouse was first. (She sometimes reads over my website:-)

So, are you going to try and make me eat like you do?
No, that is not what coaching is or does. My job is to help you eat better by making better choices. What you decide to do is completely your choice. Quite frankly, what you put in your mouth is only a portion of what we’ll talk about together. There are many aspects to a healthy lifestyle and, yes, eating is one part but there are several others too. I want to help you create a better life.

Is consulting different than coaching?
Yes! For instance, a consultant would tell you what to eat and how to thrive. Sometimes consultants get it right, sometimes not. As a coach, I strive to help you find the answers that really are within you already. It truly is a journey of discovery (for both of us!). People who discover what is best for them generally stick with positive changes for far longer that people who are merely told what to do. I would far prefer to assist you in making lasting changes rather than brief ones.

What About Your “Programs”?
You’ve got a sharp eye! My “programs” are different in that they combine education, consultation, and coaching. The Weight Loss Program has become my most popular program. However, more and more people who serve congregations are finding my Clergy Program.

Why Do You Require a Six Month Commitment?
Well, I don’t exactly require a six month commitment as a hard and fast rule. At the same time, working with people over the course of six months creates more stability in the change process. Most people do not develop unhealthy habits overnight. And, while we would like to “fix” our habits quickly, research tell us that doesn’t often happen. I’m most interested in people who want to make significant change that will stick.

If you want that too, contact me now.

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