“Working with Rev. Russell allowed me to identify what a balanced life in ministry looks like for me and to set goals in areas I would like to strengthen. His compassion, encouragement and action steps supported me in making changes in my approach to ministry that have proven effective. I am grateful for our coaching time together, and I believe all ministers would greatly benefit from having this kind of support in the area of wellness. We give so much to others that we often put ourselves last. Rev. Russell understands this, and I see myself now making choices that will better support me in having longevity in ministry.”

~ Rev. Jeanmarie


“Coaching sessions with Russell have been instrumental in helping me discover some of the reasons why I haven’t made healthier choices in my daily life. Conversations with him made it easy to talk openly and frankly about things that I would not discuss otherwise with ease. I am happy to have made changes to my daily routine to incorporate personal devotional practices to enhance my day to day.”

Rev. Dámaris
Clergy in New Jersey


“My work with Russell opened some very positive doors for dialogue related to my life circumstances. His insights and more importantly, his questions open my eyes to keen discernments both professionally and personally. His greatest gift was an interactive listener who heard my wanderings and then lovingly engaged me to consider where these yearnings were leading. I’m so thankful for our time together and look forward to continuing the conversations in the days and years to come.”

~ Rev. Mark


“Russell helped me surface my unexamined beliefs (often in the form of “shoulds”) and to recognize when these beliefs were getting in my way. While we focused explicitly on my wellness in the area of eating, our conversations revealed patterns of thinking and behavior that have extended to other areas of my life. Thanks to my coaching sessions with Russell, I now feel more self-aware and self-determining in my food and life choices.”

~ Jan
Religious Professional in New York


“Rev. Russell Elleven in Chicago was a great help to me identifying some behaviors I needed to examine in more detail to get to the goals I had set. By having me slow the decision making process down and examine the decisions behind the decisions I learned a lot about myself. It was a  very valuable set of sessions and while it started around diet I am hoping to expand this to all the decisions I make on a daily basis.” 

~ James


“Russell helped me transition from a stated goal, to discover that that goal could not be achieved if I did not do a deeper layer of work first. I so appreciate the work Russell did in helping me to find a deeper issue that could be more readily addressed bringing joy and thus health into my life and work.”

~ Rev. Julie-Ann
Suburban Philadelphia


“Russell knows how to ask the right questions to promote action.  My coaching experience with him was very beneficial for helping me identify the areas of my life that need the most attention and getting back on track for long-term health professionally and personally.  If you’re stuck in a rut or have areas you’d like to work on but aren’t sure how, I’d definitely recommend Russell.”

~ Gretchen
Clergy in North Dakota


“Russell was so easy to talk to and has a very calming energy which encouraged me to open up to him. Russell is professional in his conduct, listens without judgement, is genuinely caring and was able to establish a connection with me.  I would highly recommend Russell as a Health Coach.”

~ Bree


“Russell is professional, yet warm, which was a great balance to have in a Health Coach.  I felt Russell listened with his entire Presence (literally, he made the best “eye” contact I’ve ever experienced via Skype).  He was clear, confident and candid, and has a nice sense of humor.  Work with him! “

~ Tera


“Cake and I were best friends when I went to Russell for coaching. He helped me see that the cake was about emotions and not about the cake at all. He brought humor into the situation instead of shaming me for the over eating of the cake he gently helped me into the realization myself.”

~ Cristi
North Dakota


“I thoroughly enjoyed working with Russell. He was very professional and courteous! I found him very easy to talk to and open up with! I highly recommend him as a Health Coach!”

~ Tearahni
New York


“I was very nervous prior to our conversation. In the first few minutes I felt very comfortable talking with you. I feel we had great connection and I felt safe talking about my health concerns. Just by asking me the questions, you helped me to discover my needs. I’m very grateful for your time and your help. I highly recommend you as a health coach to help others achieve their goals.”

~ Shannon


“I can not say thank you enough….Russell turned my complicated thought process about the changes I need to make into easy and manageable changes. It was such a wonderful experience, not only is Russell approachable and great listener he related to my journey and could not have asked for a better coach in helping achieve my health and lifestyle goals.”

~ Natasha