VEGAN HEALTH AND LIFESTYLE COACHOnly a handful of the people I coach want to pursue the vegan path. Most want help in a variety of wellness dimensions. But, do you happen to be someone curious about veganism? Have you seen all of the recent media coverage about plant-based-diets and find yourself wondering what the big deal is? Ever thought about giving it a try? Well, I am the coach for you!

I have followed a plant-based vegan diet since 2006. I had experienced a second bout with cancer and was trying to find out how I might protect myself from another occurrence. I started to read everything I could get my hand on about how diet affects cancer.

I was already vegetarian…wasn’t that enough? Well, it turned out that being vegetarian wasn’t enough. I had been vegetarian for a number of years but to be quite honest I was at my sickest and heaviest during that time.

After learning as much as I needed to feel somewhat comfortable I plunged in wholeheartedly. I lost 50 pounds and my blood panels were normal for the first time in years…my cholesterol was great, my blood pressure was great, my lipids were great too!

So, in addition to being certified as a health and wellness coach I earned a certificate in Plant Based Nutrition and then went on to the Main Street Vegan Academy to earn a certificate as a Vegan Lifestyle Coach and Educator.

I have the personal experience and the knowledge base to assist you in transitioning to a healthy vegan diet and lifestyle. In fact, I am the featured VegCoach for

I would love to assist you in this wonderful journey. Contact me nnow and let’s get started today!